Why do the reports cost hundreds of dollars?

It takes us 1-2 full working days to examine a website, highlight any errors, add our editorial comments and proposed revisions, and compile everything into a report that is easily accessible to the webmaster and others.

Why are these reports published?

Visitors to a website need, expect and deserve information to be sufficient, correct and legible. Any webmaster has a strong professional interest in correcting any errors brought to their attention. Our published reports give select webmasters a graphic illustration of any problems within their website, and include the explanations and suggestions needed to fix them. Anyone with an interest in website quality may find our reports educational.

What about copyright?

As shown in the previews to our reviews published on Lulu.com, these reports contain quotes from paragraphs on any web page where we found one or more errors.  Such limited excerpts, with our highlights, enable webmasters and others to comprehend our editorial critique and proposed revisions. This practice is within “fair use.”

Are you available to privately review my website?

A private, confidential review can be done within a couple of weeks, costing $400-$500, depending on the number of web pages.

Can I have the report about my website unpublished?

We periodically check websites for any changes made since our latest published review. If changes of any consequence have been made, we will update or unpublish our report. As soon as you have purchased our report and corrected all errors, please ask us to re-examine your website free of charge.