Editorial Website Review of Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP

On July 7, 2020, we conducted an editorial in-depth review of the website for Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP, a New York corporate law firm. For this purpose, we evaluated a sample of 6 web pages, approximately 3,100 words. Our findings were as follows:

Quality parameter Explanation Proposed edits
Mechanics, grammar For example, a phrase, sentence or paragraph may need revision so that it becomes grammatically correct. 7
Mechanics, punctuation For example, punctuation within a sentence or between two sentences may need to change to ensure correctness and improved readability. 2
Mechanics, spelling For example, a word or phrase may require revision to ensure proper and consistent spelling. 8
Navigation For example, a hyperlink may need to be updated or removed to ensure that all links work properly.
Readability, clarity For example, a sentence or paragraph may need clarification to avoid uncertainty about its meaning.
Readability, economy For example, a word, phrase or sentence can be streamlined by removing something that seems redundant or repetitive. 1
Readability, general For example, a sentence or paragraph may need revision to make it easier to read. 1
Readability, wording For example, some text can be made more natural-sounding by changing a word or by revising a phrase. 3
Substance, sufficiency of information For example, certain important information should be added or made more visible. 2
Substance, value of information For example, certain information or material may require revision or removal because it seems unhelpful to readers and/or the website owner. 3
Visual For example, an element such as a banner or image may need to be moved, removed or resized because it obscures something else.
Proposed edits in total 27

The above is an expression of our opinion. Our findings, reflections, and proposed edits are based upon our careful evaluation of a website. Our in-depth Editorial Website Report will be made available to the website owner free of charge for evaluation purposes, upon request.

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